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Sushil-led Government-51: Don’t Upset Religious Harmony In Nepal

February Issue 2015

Siddhi B Ranjitkar


Deputy Chairperson of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Renu Devi opened “Nepal-Bharat Sa-ha-yog Sangh” set up with the objective of reinstating Hindu kingdom in Nepal at one of the memorial buildings of the Pashupati area in Kathmandu today (February 16, 2015) in presence of more than a half dozen BJP parliamentarians and leaders, and former prime minister Lokendra Bahadur Chand, and some ministers Dr Prakash Chandra Lohani and Dinbandhi Aryal, according to the news posted on on February 16, 2015.

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Why don’t those smart Indian Hindus try to make India a Hindu state or even a kingdom? Surely, they could not do it. Then, they came to Nepal, and try to incite a few Hindu loyalists. These Indian Hindu fanatics are so naïve that such a naïve thinking will weaken the current two-thirds-majority political parties and strengthen the opposition, and ethnic, and Madheshi people fighting for identity-based federal states. Nepalese would not tolerate any religious violence as happened and happening in India. Renu Devi would be better off going back to New Delhi for stopping some Indians burning churches, and damaging Christian schools there.


“Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached out to all minority communities across the country on Tuesday (February 17, 2015) assuring them that “his government would stand by individual’s right to freedom of faith.’’ Breaking his silence and speaking out for the first time after a series of attacks on churches and a Christian school in the national Capital, Mr. Modi said: “Fanaticism will not be tolerated….My government will give equal respect to all religions and will not allow any form of violence against any religion.’’ The news posted on quoted Prime Minister Modi. Read:


India today has the prime minister that had been once a Hindu warrior. He was the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) volunteer warrior. He fought for the religion. Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi does not talk of making India a Hindu state even though India is the home of 80% of Hindus. He might be able to do so with the majority in the parliament rather he went to sweep the street to make India a clean State. Making India a Hindu State was absolutely not appropriate, Modi knew. Probably, he also knew that millions of people might need to shed the blood to make India a Hindu state. So, he would not even think of it. He must be fresh of how he had faced the criticism of the world leaders when he just ignored the killing of Muslims by Hindus in the Gujarat State in 2002 when he was the chief minister of that state. He was embargoed by the USA for that matter. That was lifted only after Modi was elected to the prime minister in the general elections held in April 2014.


India has permitted Muslims to have their own laws for continuing their social lives. Laws permitted slaughtering cows and eating beef in India. People could voluntarily convert from one religion to another. The State guaranteed the rights to worship any god. Why does not Renu Devi attempt on saving the sacred cows from the butchers knives slaughtered for the foods others to enjoy in her country rather than pursuing a Hindu state in Nepal where killing cow is punishable by a life sentence? Why she does not save millions of stray cows hunting scrap foods in major cities such as Delhi, Calcutta, Mumbai, and Chennai from hunger and destitute not to mention hundreds of millions of destitute unlucky Indians rather than spending her precious time, energy and other resources on advocating a Hindu state for Nepal. If Renu were to be a Hindu without a mask she needed to save those poor sacred cows that needed to stray on the streets of metropolitans for food not to mention saving the people made so penniless.


Nepal even after becoming a secular State, beef-eating Nepalese could not slaughtered cows. Nepalese Hindus either sent old cows to neighboring countries for food or starved to death rather than letting others to eat them. Why Renu wanted to make Nepal a Hindu State if the Hindu sacred cows were to be so neglected. Do not we need to save cows either as a deity or a regular animal, Renu Devijee? At least faithful Hindus should not leave the cows on the streets at their old age. Animal rights people have been concerned with the fate of the poor animals whereas the faithful Hindus are not ashamed of throwing one time their sacred cows on the streets. Respecting cows’ rights to live like an animal is the real faith of Hindus.


The Pashupati Area Development Trust (PADT) has made the Pashupati shrine a super market. PADT has set the prices of the offerings to be made to Lord Pashupati minimum at Rs 10,000 to hundreds of thousands of rupees. Hindus could buy merits at different prices at the Pashupati shrine. So, offerings to be made to Lord Pashupati had been only for the rich people. Majority of the poor had to be deprived of merits. Was Lord Pashupati so biased to the rich people? certainly not. For Lord Pashupati, the deprived ones are dear ones.


“Someone who honors his own religion and condemns other religions may do so out of devotion to his religion, thinking, “I will glorify my religion,” but his actions injure his own religion more gravely.” Emperor Ashoka engraved this statement in a stone for a long lasting. Everybody with a bit of the idea of history knew Emperor Ashoka was the Indian king that saw the death of hundreds of thousands of soldiers at the Kalanga war he brutally won. After the war, he followed the secular path of the teachings of Lord Buddha, and refrained from killing anybody rather respecting everybody and treating the citizens as his own children.


Our ancestors had picked up the dust from the ground any king had stepped on and smeared it on their foreheads believing the king was a living Lord Vishnu. Nepalese lived under such kings for 250 years. However, our monarchs were turned out to be modern Kansas [1]. They made their relatives, and sycophants rich treating common folks as subjects not worthy of even two square meals a day. The kings sucked the blood of the people for feeding their sycophants. Sycophants kept our ancestors illiterate not letting to be aware of what the kings and they had been doing. If some of them came to know the dirty deeds of the kings, they got shot to dead. Thus, Nepalese had to live under the monarchy for 250 years with the perpetual fear for their lives.


Some sycophants twisted the fact and made a story of ‘a king as living Lord Vishnu should not face the sleeping stone Vishnu: Buddhanilkantha in Kathmandu. The truth was that at the time of coronation, any king took the oat of treating the citizens as his own children but none of them did kept the oath. So, sensing the atrocities the king had inflicted on the people not following the oath, Lord Buddhanilkantha came to the dream of the king and told him, “If you were to visit me you would die on the spot.” Since then Nepalese kings stopped visiting Buddhanilkantha not because they were living Vishnu but because they feared of instant death.


The Shah kings had kept the Nepalese so poor to enrich their sycophants, some Nepalese had to subsist on nothing but water and wild vegetables or roots even today. Most of the Nepalese have been living on the international handouts. Even now some people go to collect wild roots other go to pick up the leftover grains in the paddy fields, or go to catch rats in the paddy fields after harvest for foods. Lucky ones rushed to the Middle East and South East Asia for better earning jobs. Among them some get killed from the fatigue or accidents or the harsh working conditions. Some faced family wreckage on arrival in Nepal. These are the legacies left by our Shah kings pretended to be Lord Vishnu.


If we wanted peace and harmony prevailed among the Nepalese we needed to accept the recent historical events. We needed to have deep love and respect for all and honor the faiths of others. This could be done the State accepting the religion of all Nepalese as its religion not a single religion or faith dominating other religions and faiths.


Hindus converted to another religion primarily for escaping from the religious tyranny. The low caste Hindus became helpless believers not even allowed to have an access to the patron deities. The Pashupati shrine had been off-limits to the so-called untouchables up until quite recently. Only after the people’s movement and Nepal becoming a republic and a secular state, the Hindu priests tolerated the untouchables worshiping Lord Pashupati: the supreme protector of all humans and other living beings. If we were not to treat all Hindus as equals the underprivileged Hindus would bound to have a lookout for bettering their social status.


For centuries, we have boycotted our brethrens calling them untouchables. We had avoided even their shadows believing falling in their shadows means evil omen. Why would not so-wrongly made untouchable Hindus trade the faith for the better social status? We needed to commit that we would not allow such terrible social oppression to happen today and tomorrow if we were to save our faith. Then, our Hinduism would play a great leading role in a lasting world peace. Let us not hate anybody for his/her religion or caste. Let us not make anybody unfortunate for his/her belief and faith. Then, we don’t need to make Nepal a Hindu State; the whole world would be a Hindu world.


Hindu priests would not need to worry about their jobs and their status. The world would have a respect for them. They would worship Lord Shiva, and Lord Vishnu, and other millions of deities as these deities are wonderful deities that protect humanity, and treat all humans as equals, and bless everybody for happiness and meaningful life.


Speaking at the reporters club in Kathmandu on February 17, 2015, Deputy Chairperson of BJP Renu Devi said that Nepal would be broken into numerous pieces if it were to adopt the ethnicity-based federalism, it was the conspiracy of the people that wanted to destroy Nepal; India would not keep quiet if it were to happen. (Source:


BJP Leader Renu Devi had exposed herself even though she was wearing a nice sari saying India would not be a mute spectator of Nepal being destroyed. However, she neither did bother to explain India meant herself, BJP or Narendra Modi nor the destroyers of Nepal. She was more quixotic than realistic. She could say anything like this if she were only a visitor to Pashupati during the holy Shivaratri but she needed to mind that even Lord Shiva would not bless her for her blatant interferences in the affairs of others. She would be better off going back to India to take care of her own country as a leader of BJP than worrying about Nepal. May Lord Pashupati bless her to be wiser?


Perhaps, Renu Devi has been dreaming of the monarchy coming back to Nepal, and Hindus dominating and crushing all other people. If Renu has such a dream then what she thinks who might be on the throne, Kamal Thapa, Sushil Koirala or KP Oli, certainly not Gyanendra Shah. Any Shahs could not return to be the monarchs of Nepal. We had seen how Nepalese had treated Gyanendra and his family in Tarai recently. His daughter-in-law and grandkids broke up the tour and returned home. Gyanendra faded away in Madhesh.


Kamal Thapa had to go a long way before he could claim a throne. Currently, he has only five percent seats in the 601-member House. Even though some insincere Hindus liked to claim that 90% of Nepalese were Hindus, only a few voted for the Hindu State Kamal Thapa advocated for. None voted for the return of monarchy.


Sushil Koirala or KP Oli: either one of them could immediately ascend to the throne Gyanendra so meekly emptied. Currently, they have the two-thirds majority. Chairman Subhas Nemwang could call for the voice votes from the members of the House to make either Koirala or Oli a new king not a ceremonial one but a full-fledged king that could take lives of or give lives to the Nepalese. However, neither Koirala wanted Oli to be such a king nor Oli wanted Koirala to be. So, it would be a perpetual standoff. One thing everyone wishing to be a future king of Nepal needed to mind that any future king would be hanged at Tundikhel in Kathmandu in the full sight of the public.


Did Renu still see a dream of returning monarchy back in Nepal? Why did not she try in India? Now is the time for her to do so. The BJP waves rather Modi waves are running across India. Mind it Am Adami Party (AAP) has stopped rather crushed the BJP waves in the Delhi State. Why does not Renu rush to Delhi and rescue her sinking party there. O! She might have come to Nepal to ask Lord Shiva for blessing to empower her uniquely to finish off the AAP that has not been ashamed of voicing to obliterate the corruption that has been so dear to her party. AAP’s broom has been the threatening weapon to the Renu’s BJP. The same broom might sweep the Renu’s dirty mind, too if not the body.


Renu must have taken the opportunity of her Nepal visit to speak up about the religious intolerance that she might not be able to do so in India. She also took a chance of chiding communists: the shameless people as she thought even after knowing the collapse of the Soviet Union pursued a communist state. Certainly, she did not know the Soviet Union collapsed under the heavy weight of corruption. She did not like to recognize the BJP might fall as the Soviet Union had. AAP has just sprouted when it would grow to a full-blown party then BPJ would be shoved into a trashcan.


Renu ignored China a communist country moving fast to becoming a first world economic leader following the capitalistic path of economic development. Her country being a capitalist country but following the socialist path has been trailing far behind as a developing country. She might be doing a good job running the country as the Chinese have been doing rather than going to a small country like Nepal and bullying its people saying one thing or another. She spoke like a great king when she said that India would not remain silence if Nepal were not to be made a Hindu State. Why did not Renu Devi declare Nepal a Hindu State and her son or herself a monarch of Nepal? Because she was not so idiotic to do so.


I want to remind Renu if she really does not know that one Chinese corrupt communist leader another has been going to the gallows whereas Indian corrupt politicians have been taking the cozy seats in the parliaments either of States or central and occupying the major seats in the ministries and governments either of States or the central. AAP said that it would sweep the corrupt politicians. May Lord Pashupati save Renu? O! She might not need to go to the gallows as the Chinese did; AAP was only for sweeping the corrupt persons not for sending them to the gallows.


What a shame Renu Devijee, the Government of India disclaimed your statement of “India would not remain muted if Nepal were to break into pieces”. Read news:


Is it not a perfect shame for anybody with a good leadership position in the party if her party’s government does not stake out such a claim? We hope Renu Devi will be more careful to talk about any political nonsense in the future. It is a good lesson to any immature politician to learn what to talk in public.


With the BJP leaders talking irrationally in Kathmandu during the Shivaratri festival, Gyanendra Shah ventured to raise his head from the muddled thinking to talk something about his dynasty. He believed that his grandfather Tribhuvan brought the democracy in Nepal. For Mr. Gyanendra’s information, the four courageous martyrs and then many other brave martyrs did it but his grandfather took it back. Why he did not say his father Mahendra killed the democracy in 1960, and then he killed many NC leaders and cadres and some communist too in sixties of the last century. Why he did not say that he had became an absolute king in 2005 only to lose his crown in 2008. He must be shameful to expose the despotic rule of his dynasty. See:


Renu Devi did enjoy talking about returning the monarchy and reinstating Hinduism as a state religion in Nepal in Kathmandu during her visit for celebrating Shivaratri but she had tremendously failed in consulting with her senior colleagues including the prime minister for choosing such a sensitive topic for the public speech in Kathmandu. Consequently, her political career has been at stake. The political party that had put a man on the world map of politics could not tolerate a deputy of its so irresponsibly talking in a neighboring country that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had courted for cordial relationship. Renu needed to understand how much she had troubled the minds of peace loving Nepalese after she delivered a challenging speech even using bellicose words for reinstating the things that were not possible. Renu would be more careful in speaking in public in the future. God bless her.


Another influential leader of BJP Bijaya Joli said that India would not remain mute as the religious conversion had increased in Nepal but he did not say what India would do. He was speaking at an event held at the reporters’ club in Kathmandu, Nepal. The religious conversion in Nepal has threatened the security of India, he said, according to the news posted on on February 19, 2015. How it has threatened he did not bother to explain. He knows Nepal is a small country. So, he thought that the monstrous BJP could bully a small country like Nepal.



Another so-called BJP Joli has called on his all courage to fight for making Nepal a Hindu State. This has been an ugly head of bigotry that might bite Nepal at any time. In fact, it has already started off poisoning Nepal. Prime minister Sushil Koirala smart enough to ask the British embassy in Nepal for explanation for the British ambassador saying a new Nepalese constitution should have provision for Nepalese to have the rights to convert to any faith, has not opened his mouth, yet, to say something for saving the country from the foreign intruders when one BJP leader after another has been barking at Nepal. Is Koirala a strong or weak prime minister? Can he run the country and keep it safe from the intruders coming in the guise of saving faith for Nepalese in Nepal. Do they want to fight a religious war in Nepal? We don’t accept such mercenaries. Nepalese have enough strength to fix any irrational persons including the BJP Hindu fanatics.


All Nepalese including Kamal Thapa of RPP-Nepal have to rise up against any foreign elements no matter whether in the name of religion or democracy or monarchy interfering in the Nepalese business. These Hindu fanatics have tried to upset the long-lasting good will between Nepalese and Indians. They wanted to create hatred of our brotherly relationship in the name of religion. Nepal is a small country no doubt about that but not a weak country. Nepalese had fought against the British colonists in the past and won the battle whereas India lost it and remained colonized for several centuries.


These Hindu guys needed to recall that India had been three pieces (Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan) because of the Hindu fanatics. If the BJP majority government were to unleash these Hindu fanatics to burn the shrines of worship of people of other faiths as they have been doing recently burning Churches, and Christian schools in India, then India might split into another faith-related states, as Sikhs, Muslims, Christians and any other people belonging to minority religion would rise up again for separate states. These vocal BJP Hindu leaders wanted to burn the neighbor’s house while ignoring to see their own home on fire. If they were to make their country glorious again they needed to change India: the British-given name to its original name: Bharat but they had not been able to do so except for naming their own party BJP. The BJP leaders are public figures; so for such figures to say such unfriendly thing to Nepalese was a terrible mistake.


The so-called BJP Hindu leaders in other words Hindu fanatics have been openly challenging the Nepalese Hindu fanatics “if you were not to do so we would do for you.” Would the Nepalese Hindu fighters accept this challenge or simply give in to the Indian Hindu fanatics? If our Nepalese Hindu fighters were to surrender to the Indian counterparts then we all Nepalese have to immediately rise up and fight against the intruders coming to attack us wearing the masks of Hindu fanatics. We needed to save not only our faith but also the land itself from the unwanted foreign intruders. Even though the BJP Hindu leaders were soberly dressed up, they were like the naked ascetics not ashamed of exposing themselves in the name of faith intoxicated by smoking marijuana permissible only during the Shivaratri festival.



[1] Kansa was a mythical king that sent monsters to kill children of up to two years old for saving his own life.

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