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Republican Frontrunner Donald Trump And His Supporters

Issue May 2016

Republican Frontrunner Donald Trump And His Supporters

Siddhi B Ranjitkar



The Republican frontrunner for the nomination to a candidate for the president Donald Trump and his supporters pushing America down to a developing country by restricting the trade with China, building a wall on the border between America and Mexico to confine America within a tall wall, denying the fundamental human rights to women, denying Muslims and immigrants entry to America, and making America Great Again.


Trump wants to review the trade deal with China, and obviously he wants to restrict the import from China apparently for making jobs available to the American workers. What impact on the American middleclass people will have from his deal with China Trump apparently does not care about.


Stopping the import from China might not be a difficult task for President Trump but the middleclass Americans will have to bear the brunt of the adverse impact of stopping the flow of the China-made goods on the American lives contrary to what Trump promises to bring back the jobs lost to the Chinese workers.


For example, Americans will need to pay high prices for the iPhones, iPads, and laptops when Trump stops the China-made those items coming to America. This will immediately drain the incomes of the middleclass Americans, as they will need to pay high prices for those items or they have to live without those electronic gadgets. In both cases, American middleclass people tend to be poorer.


What about the China-tailored garments American have been enjoying wearing at the dirt prices. Prices of those items will immediately jump to sky-high once Trump stops them coming to the US. Again American middleclass will either have to be satisfied with a few items of garments or they have to use the major portion of their paychecks for buying the high price garments.


So, Trump needs to understand the low-paid Chinese workers have been supporting the high standard of living of the Americans. They have made Americans possible to have so many beautiful things at very low prices. Even though the paychecks have not been rising their living standard has been going high because of China and other developing countries have been supplying high standard consumable goods to America.


How could Trump do not understand such a very simple thing?


Probably, Trump believes that as soon as he stops the Chinese supplies to America, job market will bloom instantly, and all those jobs lost to China will come back to America. This is naïve thinking. The job opportunities for the Americans will not rise but their poverty will do, as their incomes will not buy the things that they have bought previously if the China-made supplies disappear from the shelves of shopping malls.


American companies will have to shut down thousands if not hundreds of thousands of factories or lower the production in China once Trump becomes the president of the United States of American, and then he immediately closes the seaports for the entry of China-made supplies.


Does Trump know what does it mean? Certainly, he does not.


Trump also does not know that shutting down thousands of factories in China, American companies will lose the most lucrative businesses in China. Those companies in turn lose hundreds of billions of dollars they bring in revenue and profits. As a result, Americans suddenly finds themselves being poorer; in the economic jargon America’s gross domestic products will decrease. As such American middleclass people become poorer if Donald Trump becomes the president of America.


Will China not retaliate Trump closing the entry points for Chinese supplies entering America? China will probably stop buying many things from America causing America to lose billions of dollars of revenue in sales, and Americans to lose jobs and become unemployed means relapsing into poverty. The trade war Trump wants to wage with China to make America Great Again will make Americans poorer.


Donald Trump as the president of America wants to build a wall on the border between America and Mexico, and force Mexicans to pay for it. What a great job Mexicans would have thought Trump wants to do at the price Mexicans pay. It will be just like Trump forcing laborers to pay for building his mansion. What international or domestic laws Trump will be following for constructing such an iconic wall that will prevent Mexicans sneaking into America but paying for it.


Certainly, building such a magnificent wall all along the America-Mexican border will create a large number of jobs on both sides of the border. Both Americans and Mexicans will enjoy the good job opportunity and they will be richer by virtue of the building a Trump-styled border wall no matter who pays for it. It might even attract domestic and international visitors as the Great Wall of China does. Probably, Trump must have taken a hint from the China Wall at building a similar wall on the border with Mexico.


Building such a great wall, Trump wants to turn the entire America into a jail, as this wall will prevent both Americans and Mexicans from entering either side. What a splendid idea Trump has, and what magnificent job Trump will do constructing an inaccessible wall after getting elected to the president of America. However, Mr. Trump will hardly prevent anybody coming in and going out of the wall, as the border is porous and will remain porous no matter what Trump will do if he gets elected.


Perhaps, Trump does not know the infamous Berlin Wall came down in 1989 when Germans on both sides of the wall hammered it down because it prevented both the East Germans and West Germans going to each other. Will not Mexicans on both sides of the Trump Wall do the same thing?


Trump as the president of America wants to deny the American women to have the control over their own bodies. Thus, he wants to violate the fundamental human rights of women. No doubt Trump demonstrates his lack of understanding of the denial of control over their bodies to women is practically the gender discrimination. So, Trump’s commitment to stop women having legal abortions is practically violating the rights of the women that comprise half of the total American population.


Apparently, Trump has developed the deadly phobia of the Muslims seeing some unfortunately calling themselves Jihadists terrorizing the world. Obviously, Trump does not recognize that only a few of more than a billion Muslims spread all over the world happen to be the terrorists. Probably, Trump will find many Americans die from the gun violence than from the Jihadists if he cares to see the statistics. He does not have a single word for the gun control but he has a lofty idea of preventing Muslims entering America, and even raiding the families of some Muslims that happen to be the terrorists.


Has Trump thought what the Muslim world will do in retaliation to the president Trump’s discriminative actions against Muslims? What adverse financial and economic impact of his action will be on America? Clearly, President Trump does not care about it. He simply wants to boycott the Muslims. That is it.


Last but not the least, Trump wants to prevent immigrants from working in America. Obviously, Trump ignores the fact that millions of immigrants documented or not have made the American lives easy and lively at the very low prices. Immigrants have been working at the dirt prices of their labor making the American richer. So, stopping immigrants working in America means Trump wants to make Americans less rich or even poor.


Is that what Donald Trump Wants to make “America Great Again”?


Thank god probably Americans do not want Trump’s dream of making ‘America Great Again’ only to be poor or less materially prosperous.


Is not Donald Trump pushing America toward the status of a developing country confining America within a tall Trump Wall to the south, blocking Chinese supplies to America, denying fundamental human rights to women, and stopping Muslims and immigrants that work very hard for the American middleclass, entering America?


Supporters of Donald Trump have been very happy to see him running very high in the election campaign probably not knowing that they will find themselves in the economically and socially less well off than today once Trump becomes the president and enforces his election promises. That is visibly the ignorance the Trump supporters have been demonstrating so far. Hopefully, they come to enlightenment and will realize Trump is not making them great rather opposite to it.


May 3, 2016

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