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Profound Dismay

Issue May 2015


May 13, 2015: to the profound dismay of everybody, the Nepalese members of parliament have shamelessly fought for getting the tents intended for the earthquake victims. Certainly, these brazen and callous parliamentarians also had been the victims of the earthquake but they had been enjoying the luxurious lives even in the tents. Then, why did they need the tents sent for the common folks? The greed made them inhuman and heartless.

Tent distribution:


The chief minister of West Bengal, India Mamata Baneerjee had sent thousands of tents for the earthquake victims that had been living in either under the sizzling sun or heavy rains. Some of the victims had nothing left after the heavy quakes except for the clothing they had been wearing.


The unashamed lawmakers fought for the tents. To stop the fiery fights of the members of the parliament for a tent, the Speaker ordered to stop distributing the tents. Some parliamentarians feeling the unworthy fight for getting a tent returned the tents while the lawmakers belonging to the UCPN-Maoist sent the tents they had received to Dolakha, according to the news on the

MPs taking tents:


Without having any concern for the homeless earthquake victims, the good-for-nothing government of the NC, the CPN-UML, the RPP and other minor parties headed by Prime Minister Sushil Koirala blatantly ignoring even the little ethic of compassion for the sufferings boldly distributed the tents received for the earthquake victims to the parliamentarians. Now, the question is whether Prime Minister Koirala would let his yeomen properly use the billions of rupees deposited in the “Prime Minister Disaster Relief Fund” for the earthquake victims. If the parliamentarians looting the tents were to be any guide for the future use of the relief materials intended for the earthquake, the money from the “Prime Minister Disaster Relief Fund” would fill out the pockets of the parliamentarians and the trunks of the prime minister and his ministers. Then, what’s use of depositing the charity in the “Prime Minister Disaster Relief Fund”? Certainly, it is no use if we are to see the proper use of the charity.


Nobody could believe in the assurances of the Prime Minister Sushil Koirala that he would build houses for the homeless after the monsoon. At one of the visits to the earthquake victims, Mr. Koirala said, “I would not like to make an unrealistic promise to build houses for you now but I would surely build houses after the monsoon,” according to one of the Nepalese online newspapers. I doubt very much that Mr. Koirala would keep his commitment. He might not even have the memory of what he had said to the folks. He had the good habit of forgetting his commitments.


Now, the Home Minister Bamdev Gautam said in the parliament on May 13, 2015 that the government would distribute the tin sheets to the earthquake victims before the monsoon set in, the RSS news on the said. Nobody would like to see even a single sheet going to any parliamentarian. That is one thing another thing is Mr. Gautam needs to keep his commitment. However, these ministers have the habit of recycling their commitments but never keeping them. He could use the money from the “Prime Minister Disaster Relief Fund” for buying the tin sheets. The tin sheets should be on the way to Nepal if Mr. Gautam were to keep his commitment. Pre-monsoon rains have been already pouring in. The monsoon is already at the porch.

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Foreign donors have a little faith in the Koirala administration that it would do the job, as it should. So, more than often they funneled the charity through the multi-lateral agencies or UN agencies or INGOs to Nepal rather than turning over the money directly to the morally bankrupt Koirala administration. So, it is not a surprise that “the government of Japan has provided one million US dollars to the UNFPA to support girls and women affected by the earthquake; UNFPA Nepal Representative Giulia Vallese has stated the funds will be used strategically and efficiently to ensure maximum reach in the districts worst hit by the quake,” said the RSS news on the The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the support for the earthquake victims on Tuesday, May 12, 2015 providing through the UNFPA appreciating the work it has done in Nepal.

See more at:$1-m-to-UNFPA-for-quake-hit-Nepali-women/#sthash.gJE1ONXD.dpuf


It has been more than two weeks since the first deadly earthquake hit Nepal on Saturday, April 25, 2015 but the parliament has passed the resolution only on May 13, 2015 directing the government to conduct the relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction as a national campaign activating all the State agencies; to provide the families that had lost the loved ones in the earthquakes with the suitable compensation, and provide the injured folks with the free treatment, the RSS news on the said. Anybody could imagine what the parliament had been doing during the last seventeen days nothing to mitigate the sufferings of the earthquake victims.

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The parliament also set up a 73-member National Disaster Management Monitoring and Directive Special Committee on May 13, 2015 with the mandate to hold detailed assessment of the damages done by the April 25 earthquake, to run the rescue and relief operation, and to make the resettlement of the victims following the assessment, and to make recommendations to the government for taking the necessary steps, the RSS news on the said. The Chairman of the Constituent Assembly (CA) serves as the ex-officio Chair of the committee, the Vice-Chair as the ex-officio Vice-Chair. Prime Minister Sushil Koirala, DPM Bamdev Gautam and Minister for Law, Justice, CA, and Parliamentary Affairs Narahari Acharya sit on the committee as the ex-officio members.

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We have seen that none of the ten ministers assigned to perform certain jobs immediately after the first quake on April 25, 2015 did nothing. We could not anticipate that these non-performing ministers including the prime minister, and members of the parliament would do anything for the people except for looting the things provide for the earthquake victims. The high profile National Disaster Management Monitoring and Directive Special Committee would be nothing but the committee of the good-for-nothing guys.

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