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Prithvi Narayan Shah: Monster Of Injustice

January issue 2015

Siddhi B Ranjitkar


Followers of the monster of injustice celebrated the 293rd birth anniversary of Prithvi Narayan Shah on Poush 27 (January 10, 2015 this year). Prithvi Narayan Shah laid the foundation of injustice that had continued for 240 years in Nepal. Some politicians, comedian and journalists rejoiced at the birth anniversary of the monster of injustice.


Former prime ministers such as Lokendra Bahadur Chand, and Madhav Nepal, former ministers such as Kamal Thapa and Dr Prakash Chandra Lohani proudly marched on the streets and reached the statue of the monster of injustice Prithvi Narayan Shah and garlanded him in the statue honoring his disgraceful deeds of injustices done to the almost one hundred percent of the Nepalese. Only a tiny percentage of Nepalese including the people holding power benefited from the inconceivably outrageous rule of injustice for 240 years.


Not surprisingly, Lokendra Bahadur Chanda, and Kamal Thapa had been for reinstating injustice in Nepal. They had made fortunes during the 30 years of  unjust  rule of the Panchayat system introduced by another monster killer of democracy, justice and rule of law Mahendra Shah in 1962. Madhav Nepal also had not been very much different from these Panchayati monsters of injustice. He made a fortune during his tenure as prime minister despite being defeated in two constituencies in the general elections held in 2008. He looted the national treasury to the extent possible. No doubt, he had to be the faithful servant to the monster of injustice for justifying his felony.


Surprisingly, comedian Santosh Panta also had been at the statue of monster of injustice Shah at Singhadurbar on January 10, 2015 for marking the day of the monster of injustice. He even demanded a national holiday for celebrating the day of the monster of injustice. He even said, “If we have a national holiday for celebrating the first day of ‘magha’ why we should not have a day off for celebrating the day of Prithvi.” He forgot that the ‘magha’ first was the day of exceptionally important for the Nepalese in general. Panta could not even think of why Nepalese would celebrate such a black day of the birth anniversary of the monster of injustice.


Artists are normally the honorable citizens and they even get the status of celebrities. However, comedian Panta had degraded his status of one of the followers of the monster of injustice. To be honorable, any artists or comedians needed to be the artists and comedians of the common folks rather than being loyal to the monster of injustice.


Some journalists and newspapers also had been attempting to justify the injustice in Nepal writing the flowery articles on the monster of injustice Shah. One of the journalists wrote an article and posted online praising the monster. Not coincidently, I noticed his office decorated with the pictures of Prithvi Narayan Shah, Jung Bahadur Rana, and Adolf Hitler behind his picture posted on the online newspaper in which his interview was published. He was one hundred percent correct for keeping the pictures of Hitler, Jung Bahadur and Prithvi Narayan Shah at the same level if he had the right to praise Prithvi Shah.


Attending the tea party hosted by notorious follower of injustice Kamal Thapa to mark the 293rd birth anniversary of Prithvi, Prime Minister Sushil Koirala did great injustice to the rule of justice and law. Chairman of Constituent Assembly Subhas Nemwang also attended the same tea party. It is shame on the Nepalese particularly on those that had elected Nemwang to such a most responsible position of the chairman of the constituent assembly, and Sushil Koirala to the most responsible position of prime minister of Nepal. Would the constitution crafted under such a chairperson be an inclusive?


Prime Minister Sushil Koirala must have forgotten that his mentor BP Koirala had wasted the whole life not to mention the millions of lives of the ordinary folks because he could not throw away the monsters of injustice at the right time. All Koirala families including Sushil suffered from the disastrous Shah rulers for many years but Prime Minister Sushil Koirala had no regret for attending the tea party hosted in honor of the monster of injustice.


Kamal Thapa was a culprit that Prime Minister Koirala needed to bring to justice rather than honoring him attending the tea party he hosted for marking the birth anniversary of monster of injustice. Kamal Thapa was the home minister at the time of the people’s movement in 2006. He was responsible for the death of so many people that fought for justice. He also took out Rs 500,000 from the bank every day for suppressing the people’s movement and many more. Prime Minster Koirala had enough counts of criminal activities of Thapa to bring him to justice. Not bringing criminals to justice, Prime Minister Koirala himself became liable for criminal charges.


Former Prime Minister Lokendra Bahadur Chanda had a criminal background, too. He broke in the office of the RPP. Its Chairman Pashupati Shumsher Rana had publicly told that he could have brought a criminal charge against Chand for breaking in the office but he was not doing so. So, it was no wonder such a man with a criminal background was celebrating the monster of injustice.


Other so-called intellectuals such as Modnath Prasit, Drighraj Prasai and Dr Ramesh Dhungel to name a few had actively celebrated the anniversary of the monster of injustice. They clearly wanted to restore the 240-year of injustice in Nepal. These poor fellows pretending to be the intellectuals and writing the deceptive articles dreamed to bring injustice to the people again. They forgot that Nepalese had been living in the 21st century. Nepalese had been quite different from what they had been in the past but the poor intellectuals could not keep up with the change in time and situation. Nepalese would never tolerate injustice again no matter what the followers of the monster of injustice attempt to do.


No matter whether they went to garland the statue of the monster of injustice at Singhadurbar or went to drink the tea at the Kamal Thapa’s place, they had been for following the injustice. People would bring them to justice if the law enforcement people would not do so.


For the Nepalese that had suffered for 240-year rule of injustice, and some of them continued to suffer from the injustices imposed from that time, the birth anniversary of Prithvi Narayan Shah had been the reminder of injustice, exploitation, sufferings from not having the rights to earn livelihood and live as humans for 240 years. Such things should come to an end, and end to all the followers of the monster of injustice.


January 11, 2015


To Whom It May Concern: Today’s Monsters of Injustice


Prithvi Narayan Shah had been only the symbol of injustice. He had been dead for more than two-and-a-half centuries ago but his injustice had lived on. It was not surprising that some people defended him, as knowingly or unknowingly they wanted to continue the injustice prevailed in the Nepalese politics, society and economy. They did not have sense of justice even in the 21st century. It was disgraceful to them and we need to fight against injustice until the last drop of blood would flow in our veins.


Kamal Thapa wanted to impose Hindu religion on the entire Nepalese doing injustice to the millions of non-Hindu Nepalese. Do you guys believe that doing injustice to the people would bind all Nepalese to a single Nepal? The answer is certainly, ‘no’. In fact, Mr. Thapa had been sowing the seed of disintegration of the country. If Mr. Thapa were to be successful to introduce his religion on the non-Hindus, it would surely provoke the non-Hindus and they would rise to fight against injustice done to them. Do you think that then he would be able to put Nepal in one piece?


The most unfortunate thing happened to the people fighting for justice had been Prime Minster Sushil Koirala attended the tea party held by Mr. Thapa in honoring the injustice done to the Nepalese people for more than two-and-a-half centuries. Mr. Koirala himself had been the victim of injustice. His mentor BP Koirala had suffered the whole life from the injustice done to him and his party. Sushil himself had suffered, too but unfortunately he forgot that injustice done to him and his party. He forgot that the NC leaders and cadres had repeatedly shed their precious blood to fight against the injustice. Attending the tea party, Mr. Koirala had disgraced the brave people that had died for justice, and that had recently suffered from injustice for the thirty years of the Panchayat regime.


Unfortunately, Mr Koirala wanted to revive the injustice joining hands with the Panchayat leaders that had demanded the capital punishment to BP Koirala and Ganeshman Singh. That would not be tolerable to the Nepalese and disgraceful to Mr Koirala himself, too. Nepalese had done justice to Mr. Sushil Koirala giving him a chance to run the administration justly and sincerely. He needed to explain to the people why he attended the tea party held for honoring the injustice otherwise he would be abusing the people’s mandate.


Subhas Nemwang had been the victim of injustice, too. He had been the Chairman of the constituent assembly or the Speaker of the parliament as a favor done by his CPN-UML bosses otherwise he would not have betray his fellow people attending the tea party held for reviving the injustice. What Nemwang had done justice to the constituent assembly not dong his duty as the chairman but following the orders of his CPN-UML bosses? Nemwang would learn his mistake of doing injustice to the fellow citizens.


Now, KP Oli did not want to do justice to the people that had been repressed for more than 240 years of the rule of injustice. He wanted to use his power of the two-thirds majority again to impose the rule of injustice. Poor Oli did not realize that the time was not of the 240 years ago but of the 21st century. The people had developed different mindset and they would not tolerate any injustice anymore. Imposing injustice would break the country into pieces if Oli were to do so with the power not only of the two-thirds majority but also of bullets and ammunition. He would certainly kill some brave people but he would not be able to kill all the fighters for justice.


Bihari Krishnajee: I had a great respect for you as you did a great job for the people suffered from injustice when you were a joint secretary to the Ministry of Local Development. After the NC party came to power in 1990, do you remember you had once complained bitterly about the injustice done to you by the Girija administration firing you from the job of additional secretary? How painful to be the victim of injustice, you certainly know. I am talking nothing but about injustice done even to the top bureaucrat like you. So, why don’t we fight for justice rather than defending the injustice?


Living in UK or USA or any other countries and shouting at me in the emails for fighting against injustice, those guys would be brought to justice if they were to continue to have such mindsets in the respective country, as those countries have the rule of law and rule of justice.


Sincerely yours


Siddhi B Ranjitkar


January 16, 2015

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