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Prachanda-led Government-6

Issue September 2016

Prachanda-led Government-6: Oli, Khanal, Pokhrel, And Install Statue Of Prithvi

Siddhi B Ranjitkar


KP Oli is for installing the statue of Prithvi on the Chandragiri Hill, Jhalanath Khanal led a procession held by the Nepal Academy to celebrate the anniversary of Prithvi last year, and recently Shanker Pokhrel labeled the Madheshi as the dark-skinned thus all these three guys humiliated the proud Nepalese, and added fuel to the fire of demands for the Madheshi, ethnic and Khas states, probably instigated the people to come out strongly against these guys’ intention. These guys particularly Oli and Khanal both are the former prime ministers evidently are very ignorant of the Nepalese history of the split and unification of Nepal. They have been dishonoring the Nepalese honoring pitiless man. So, Nepalese would rise against these so-called leaders and boycott them in the elections, and even CPN-UML if it does not apologize to the Nepalese for the humiliation its leaders have been inflicting on the Nepalese.


"The Chandragiri hill is a historical place; it also carries a religious importance. Prithvi Narayan Shah had planned to annex the three cities in the Valley after viewing them from here, and finally succeeded in doing so. So, let's erect his statue to remember such towering personality in Nepali history," the RSS news on quoted former Prime Minister KP Oli on September 7, 2016.


The statement is clearly for disgracing the Nepalese people, and is the call for the spirit of the soul dead for more than two and a half centuries. Mr. Oli wants to install the deadly brutal man called Prithvi Narayan to demonstrate, “Look, this is the statue of the man that had seized your three kingdoms, now we will rule over you in the name of this dead soul.”


Mr. Oli, it will be better for you if you want to be a real leader, never dream of ruling over any people rather think of serving the people because the current Nepalese are not for anybody ruling over them. They had already done with the monarchy to which Mr. Oli and his company wanted to represent. You can do it but mind it you are simply representing the dead soul of the monarchy the monstrous Prithvi had introduced more than two-and-a-half-century ago that had caused the intolerable miseries to all the Nepalese no matter in what names they are called.


Obviously, Mr. Oli, you have either ignored the history or you are so ignorant of the Nepalese history. Mr. Oli, for your information, Prithvi had been in the Bhaktapur palace of his adopted father Ranajit Malla from the early adulthood unlike what the historians that had grew up eating the leftovers of the Shah-Rana rulers, wrote that Prithvi saw the Nepal Valley for the first time from the Chandragiri Hill ignoring the historical fact.


Mr. Oli, for your information, I am just giving you a brief history lesson because either you ignored or you simply did not read the history. Hearing the Malla kings ruling the Nepal Valley were so well off they had the golden throne (Mr. Oli might like to go and take a look at the once-a-year display of the golden throne of the Malla king in Patan), the father of the Prithvi wrote three letters: one each to the Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur kings for training his son Prithvi on administration, warfare, diplomacy and etiquette. Both kings of Kathmandu and Patan threw the letters to their trashcans stating the son of the barbarian ruler did not deserve to be educated in their palaces.


However, the then king of Bhaktapur Ranajit Malla generously accepted Prithvi in his palace to train him to be a real king of the civilized world. King Ranajit Malla even made Prithvi his adopted son. He trained him in warfare, administration, diplomacy and etiquette but Prithvi never learned the last subject. What Prithvi paid for all the good things his adopted father Ranajit Malla did was he became the active participant in killing the son of Ranajit Malla next on line to the thrown. He did so to weaken the administration of Ranajit Malla.


Mr. Oli, other part of history if you want to understand Prithvi had been the deadly monstrous cutting off the noses and ears of the Kiritipurians. Probably, you don’t know that Kiritipurians had killed Prithvi’s general Kalu Pandey, but the sincere Kiritipurian soldiers keeping the etiquette of not killing the king saved Prithvi. What Prithvi did in turn was killed many soldiers including the soldier that had saved him because they had bravely repulsed him several times. He even cut off the noses and ears of men, women and even children as the revenge on them for not letting him win the State easily.


Mr. Oli, after knowing this real history, do you still want to install Prithvi’s Statue after several centuries of his death on the Chandragiri Hill from where you erroneously learned that Prithvi saw the Nepal Valley for the first time and then he determined to win the Nepal Valley?


Mr. Oli, you also have been instrumental to embolden Kamal Thapa and his cadres to reinstate the statue of King Birendra at Dhamboji in Nepalgunj recently causing a strong stir among the common folks. During the people’s movement in 2006, protestors tore down the statue you know it. You might not know from whom they had learned to remove the statue.


So, Mr. Oli, I will give you a brief history of the statue removable. In 1950s, former King Mahendra removed the so beautiful statues of the Rana prime ministers (except for the statue of Juddha Shumsher still standing at the crossroads of the Naya Sadak and Laxmi Sadak) standing at various crossroads, and moved them to the different corners of Tundikhel in Kathmandu.


Mahendra had held a grudge against the Rana prime ministers for ruling over the then kings, and putting them within four walls of the so-called palace not better than the then cowsheds of the Rana palaces. So, Mahendra took revenge on the dead souls of the Rana prime ministers moving their statues from the main crossroads to the corners where people would rarely see them.


Mr. Oli, if Mahendra could do justice to himself removing the statues of the despotic Rana prime ministers why not the people whose forefathers and grandfathers and even fathers had severely suffered from the repressive Shah rulers remove the statues of Shah kings to do themselves the justices?


Mr. Oli, during the nine-month term of your office as the prime minister, you did nothing but encourage the monarchist such as Kamla Thapa, and anti-federalists such as Chitra Bahadur KC, CP Mainali, and Narayan Man Bijukchhe. Last year, you discussed more than a half hour at your Council of Ministers whether the government to celebrate the anniversary of the tyrannical Prithvi Narayan Shah but finally gave up the idea with the pressure of the coalition partners. Mr. Oli, why don’t you directly come out for reviving the dead monarchy rather than indirectly telling the government to set up the statue of the ugly Prithvi Narayan at the place looking over the beautiful valley?


NC and its coalition partners have timely removed the disgraceful Prime Minister Oli from power and set up the government that has been vigorously trying to implement the Constitution. Mr. Oli, you did not even try to talk to the leaders of the Federal Democratic Alliance that have been demanding the amendment to the Constitution for giving them the rightful place in the Constitution. You just laughed at them as you did at other people suffering from the shortage of fuel due to the blockade during your tenure as the prime minister. You never even thought of enforcing the Constitution.


You published the schedules for holding the elections to the local bodies, State assemblies and the federal parliament doing nothing to this end. Every Nepalese has noted it. You cannot full the 30 million Nepalese as you did to your party cadres buying two thousand votes only to get elected to the chairman of the CPN-UML. You are not the leader for the sincere and nation-loving Nepalese. You have been very close to the fake nationalists. Some people even labeled you as a super nationalist but you are not the nationalist at all as some of those people eating your leftovers have claimed to be you are.


Former Prime Minister Jhalanath Khanal accompanied his rival Mr. Oli to the Chandragiri Hill to urge the government to set up the statue of repulsive Prithvi for looking over the gorgeous Nepal Valley. In the name of attracting the tourists, Khanal and Oli must have the secrete deal to humble the Nepalese. Mr. Khanal, what you will get disgracing the people except for hatred in return.


For celebrating the birth anniversary of Prithvi, Mr. Jhalanath Khanal led the procession the Nepal Academy held to the statue of Prithvi standing at the entrance to the Singha Durhar in Kathmandu last year. Mr. Khanal, you simply ignored the people at the Basantapur marking the black day of the anniversary of Prithvi because these Nepalese are representing the descendants of the people who had endured the disgrace, humiliation, and loss of economic and social development opportunities causing the extreme poverty for several centuries. Mr. Khanal, what you wanted to get celebrating the anniversary of the person that had been the symbol of cruelty and dishonor to the millions of Nepalese except for the disgust?


Mr. Khanal, you said that it was the celebration of the unification of Nepal. With this statement you have either ignored the true historical facts or you are shamefully ignorant of the history. For your information, Mr. Khanal, Licchavis had ruled for 400 years from 400 AD to 800 AD. Then, Nepal was broken down into numerous pieces. Then, after 400 years in 1200 AD, a Malla king reunited them, and made a large Nepal. So, Mr. Khanal, don’t you say that the Malla king was a unifier? You don’t because you have something different in the mind in the name of celebrating the anniversary of the Prithvi. Mr. Khanal, don’t think that the Nepalese are so dull headed and they don’t understand what you have been doing.


The Nepal Academy has no rights to use the taxpayers’ money to celebrate the anniversary of the man that had caused the poverty for the people for so many centuries. The then head of the Nepal Academy needed to be punished for wastefully spending the State money on celebrating the anniversary that had been the cause of disgrace to the people.


Now, CPN-UML Standing Committee member Shankar Pokhrel's tweet on September 7, 2016, “Pokhrel in a tweet on Tuesday (September 6, 2016) had protested the Madhesi parties’ decision to observe the Black Day on the Constitution anniversary, saying the decision disrespected the Madhesi people, most of who have dark facial complexion,” the news on stated on September 7, 2016. The news also stated, “A Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal cadre on Wednesday went to file a complaint against the UML leader under the Electronic Transactions Act, 2006, at the Teku-based Metropolitan Police Range, Kathmandu. Police, however, reportedly refused to prepare an FIR on cyber crime charges against Pokhrel.”


Mr. Pokhrel, you would have been well off if you were to check your own skin color before stating the Madheshi people have the dark skin but you did not do so because you just wanted to debase the dignity of not only the Madheshi people but also the entire people having the dark skin including yourselves certainly overlooking your skin. So, surely you were not careful when you wrote the message and then uploaded on the twitter. It has happened so probably because you have the mindset of having the blue blood in the veins of your body. That is why you dare to disgrace the entire dark skin community.


First, if you were sincere you needed to apologize to the people of the dark skin immediately after your message went viral on the Internet instead of only hurriedly erasing the message on the twitter. You tried to justify your wrong views and wrong actions of uploading your shocking message to the common folks on the twitter. If you were a real leader of the second largest party in the current parliament you would have thought twice before humbling anybody.


If you were to save you from your disgusting twitter message to the dark skin people you have the opportunity of humbly apologizing to the people for the wrong message you had posted on the twitter. You might save yourselves to some extent from the political damage you had probably unintentionally done. If you were to fail to do so people would take it as your inner mindset of hatred toward certain section of the Nepalese people. What you have earned from this message was nothing but you exposed yourselves to incite the people to rise against you and probably your party, too.


Mr. Khanal and Mr. Oli, calling for installing the statue of Prithvi on the Chandragiri Hill, you guys have been knowingly or unknowingly humiliating the millions of the Nepalese whose fathers, grandfathers and forefathers had suffered from the tyrannical rule of the Shah kings for several centuries, and consequently you guys have been inciting the people to rise against you. Voters will probably boycott you during the elections no matter where you go to stand for elections in Ilam or Jhapa.


Mr. Khanal and Mr. Oli, your obviously unwise and disgusting actions have justified the ethnic people, Madheshi people and Khas people to rise and fight for their respective States. They understand that you guys have been manipulating the political development to rule over the people indiscriminately not meeting the just demands of the ethnic, Madheshi and Khas people. Probably, you guys might be creating a strong desire among the people for their respective States no matter how hard they have to fight.


Mr. Khanal, Mr. Oli and Mr. Pokhrel, probably, Nepalese would not forgive you for what you guys have done to disgrace them. They would certainly boycott you guys during the elections, and probably teach you a good lesson if you failed to apologize to them for the humiliation you have done.


Your political party CPN-UML needs to apologize to the people for the wrongs its leaders have done to the people otherwise it would be part of the wrong doings of its leaders and subject to punishment from the people.


Nepalese people in general would rise up against anybody trying to pull the country back. They would not let the country slide back as did in 1960s, and then early 2000s. People have been strong enough to face any challenges from the dead or living political souls pose to put the political clock back. Those guys would need to pay for the price the people had spilled their blood for making the country republic and the people sovereign if they were to try to reverse the political flow.


September 9, 2016

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