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Prachanda And PN Shah

Issue January 2017

Prachanda And PN Shah

Siddhi B Ranjitkar


On the occasion of 295th anniversary of Prithvi Narayan (PN) Shah, Prachanda revealed that he is the living incarnation of PN Shah. Both of them have their hands smeared with the bloods of thousands of innocent people. Both of them won the Nepal State at the cost of their followers, and have almost the same nature of cruelty. Both of them had been the supreme commanders of their respective army. Both of them have deceived everybody they could only to get into power. Some people marking the anniversary of PN have helped others to expose the atrocities of both Prachanda and PN.


The difference between PN and Prachanda is PN took over self-governance, liberty, opportunities of self-development of economy, religion, and culture from the people, and then clamped down on the highly cultured, socially and economically developed people, and denied them to do anything for their prosperity thus leaving them in the perpetual poverty and destitute, and then imposed one language, one religion, one culture, and one rule whereas after 240 years of the long march of the people suffering from the Shah dynastic rule, Prachanda ultimately returned back everything PN took from the people. So, Prachanda is possibly the current PN that unites the Nepalese of different culture and faith, and speak different languages into one State called Nepal not at the gunpoint as did PN but following the Constitution of Nepal.


Today, thanks to Prachanda and his political colleagues no matter which party or parties they belong to, the Nepalese people have the beautiful gift of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal that guarantees every citizen of Nepal to develop her/his language, culture, and follow the faith s/he believes in, and unleashes the unlimited power of the Nepalese people to self-and-national development and prosperity.


And also, Nepalese have more than five hundred FM radios broadcasting news and views in every possible Nepalese language, and newspapers in different languages. Nepalese celebrate their cultural and religious events at Tundikhel in Kathmandu that had been made illegal for the last 240 years. They have almost everything what they need for their prosperity.


The Constitution has been the uniting force but certain divisive forces have been surfacing dreaming to rule the people of different backgrounds at the gunpoint, as did PN in the past.  KP Oli, his colleagues such as Jhalanath Khanal and Madhav Nepal, and their front-runner anti-federalists such as Narayan Man Bijukchhe, Chitra Bahadur KC, and CP Mainali have been raising their ugly heads for fighting against the federalism that unites the people of Nepal. These guys have been running against the time, and not knowing their intention would only break up Nepal into pieces rather than keeping it in one piece; they have been trying hard to crack the federalism.


Another threat to the federalism and unity of Nepalese has been coming from the religious zealots that want to impose Hinduism rather than giving the people the liberty of following the religion of their choice, and worshipping the god they believe in. These Hindu zealots have been carrying the spirit of the PN that had taken every sorts of liberty of the people and suppress Nepalese for 240 years.


However, knowingly or unknowing in the name of celebrating the anniversary of PN, these guys have been actually celebrating the birthday of Prachanda that has given everything PN took over, back to the people. Prachanda wore the garland of marigold instead of PN at the tea party Chairman of RPP Kamal Thapa held to mark the 295th anniversary of PN on January 11, 2017.


Speaking at the inaugural event of the Third Municipal Council of the sub-metropolitan Bharatpur in Chitwan on January 10, 2017, Prime Minister Prachanda disclosed that he had ordered his cadres not to break up the statues, and even though the unitary system PN had set up was a feudal one but the strong State PN had created was a progressive task, the news on the “gorkhapatra” stated on January 11, 2017.


Both Prachanda and PN led the army to win the Nepal State. Prachanda was the supreme commander of the so-called People’s Liberation Army whereas PN was the supreme commander of the Gurkha Army. Both the armies grew up from a tiny unit to the largest army from the remote areas of Rukum and Gurkha respectively to win the Nepal State.


Both the supreme commanders had promised the followers the better lives after the victory but after winning the Nepal State they just ignored their followers. What the low level commanders of the Gurkha army PN led received nothing, and the ordinary soldiers had even received the retribution on the different pretexts; some even lost their lives to the cruelty of PN. Prachanda also had promised each member of his militia, which later became the full time army, which put him to power, at least a piece of land for the livelihood. So, they shed the blood in anticipation of having a small plot of land for cultivation to live on. However, once Prachanda was in power, what Prachanda did was sent his deputy Dr Baburam Bhattarai to tell the cadres to return whatever land they had received during the armed revolution.


Today, hundreds if not thousands of former Maoist soldiers have been suffering from permanent disabilities caused while fighting against the State armed police during the conflict time. They fought for ten years. Some of them lost either the father or the son or both making the families destitute but they continued to fight anticipating a better future life for the coming generation. They crowned Prachanda as the unofficial king. Today, Prachanda has everything any monstrously luxurious monarch or king can enjoy.


PN had killed thousands of innocent folks during the war and even after the victory over the opponents. He did not find any other option but the physical destruction of his opponents. Hundreds if not thousands of opponents fled the Kathmandu Valley after PN’s victory. PN killed many more, and even mercilessly cut off the noses and earns of the women and old people that had helped the opposition soldiers to fight against PN. Thus, PN”s hands were smeared with the blood of thousands of the common folks.


And also, Prachanda’s hands are not different from that of PN. Prachanda hands have been smeared with the blood of at least 17,000 people killed during the 10-year long conflict with the State. Prachanda has been trying to wash out the blood from his hands praising the equally atrocious killer PN. Prachanda surely cannot cover up the permanently bloodstained hands.


PN had awarded a few killer commanders of his army with the State-owned land or the land he grabbed from the defeated opponents. So, surely they enjoyed the highly luxurious lives keeping the majority of the people in the areas where they won the victory over, in poverty and destitute. Some descendents of those commanders have continued to inherit the land PN had awarded. They have been for reinstating the PN’s anniversary as the national holiday to express their gratitude to the PN for what he had awarded their ancestors.


Prachanda also has awarded his fellow commanders with the wealth his army had looted and forcibly captured from the common folks. Prachanda’s soldiers and cadres had simply blown up those people that did not pay the amount the cadres had set for them to pay. So, people had paid how much only the payers knew to the Maoist army cadres to save their businesses or even lives. Thousands of people that could not pay had to flee. Thus, thousands of families were displaced. It is more than comparable to what PN made his opponents to flee their motherland.


Prachanda could be the current incarnation of PN in the sense both of them had been successful to smear their hands with the blood of thousands of common folks, both of them had forced many people to flee their homeland, both of them awarded the fellow killers handsomely.


Even today, some people believe that PN was the incarnation of some sort of super power, and they even believe that PN was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. That might be true because PN was not an ordinary person otherwise how he could take the lives of so many people, how he could cut off the noses and ears of the innocent people.


If PN was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu why could not Prachanda be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, too? All the killers that had ended up being the winners of State became the incarnations of Lord Vishnu that also had been the killer but not of the innocent common folks but of the demons that had been the causes of sufferings of the common folks. So, both Prachanda and PN could never be the incarnations of Lord Vishnu but surely they had the demonic spirit they could use to kill anybody without thinking twice. So, many innocent people lost their lives in the hands of both Prachanda and PN.


Maoist and CPN-UML leaders have been obviously for reinstating PN as a national hero. The evidences have been the following. Speaking at the inaugural event of the third municipal council of the sub-metropolitan Bharatpur on January 10, 2017, Prime Minister Prachanda has even said that he has discussed at the cabinet meeting to declare the anniversary of PN as a national holiday. Prachanda even apologized to Kamal Thapa that he could not make the anniversary of PN as a national holiday this time means next time it would be; so the Prachanda’s cabinet has ordered to review the national holiday list. Minister for Information and Communication Surendra Kumar Karki has been quietly encouraging the State-owned media to highlight the personality of PN. So, the State-run newspapers such as “gorkhapatra”, and “The Rising Nepal” have been boldly publishing the fake and real personalities of PN even a week before the PN’s anniversary. Similarly, the State-run Radio Nepal also has broadcasted the positive aspects whether they are real or fake of the PN. Vice-president Nanda Bahadur Pun has talked about PN favorably. Pun had been one of the commanders of the Maoists’ army. Both Vice-president Pun and Information Minister Karki represent the Prachanda’s Maoist party.


CPN-UML leaders such as KP Oli and Jhalanth Khanal have been for installing a statue of PN at Chandragiri Hill from where these guys erroneously believed that PN for the first time in the life of PN saw the Kathmandu Valley and seeing the unique beauty of the valley PN decided to win over it. The fact is PN had been at the palace of Ranajit Malla in Bhaktapur taking the tutorial classes on warfare, state administration, royal etiquette, and diplomacy for several years before PN became the king of Gurkha. PN learned everything from Ranajit Malla except for the royal etiquette.


Speaking to the anchor of the Radio Nepal morning program called ‘antar-samd’ on January 11, 2017, the guest speaker told that not the Maoists nor the CPN-UML but on the recommendation of Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula, the then Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala canceled the national holiday on the anniversary of PN. In other words, the guest speaker said that the communists had never been against celebrating the anniversary of the autocrat PN. Surely, the communists are also for the dictatorial rule: the communist terms for the autocracy. Then, why the communists should not be soft on the autocrat like PN,


So, the communists in any names such as Maoist, Marxist-Leninist or United Marxist-Leninist or any other names have the mindset of dictatorship. They worship the atrocious autocrat such as PN. So, it is not surprising that the communists in general want to reinstate the anniversary of PN as a national holiday hoping one day they could capture the State power as did PN, and introduce their dictatorial rule.


All the democratic-minded people the Nepali Congress (NC) party leads, need to counter those dictatorship-minded communists, and keep tabs on them what they are actually doing. Democrats need to defend the democracy and the rule of law in the country countering the tendency of the dictatorship the so-called communists have in their mind to impose on the people in the country. Only the NC could save the country from going to the hands of either the communists or the traditional autocrats.


Those so-called communist leaders never wanted to remember the democratic leaders such as Ganeshman Singh, BP Koirala, Krishna Prasad Bhattarai and Suvarna Shumsher Rana that had been instrumental to topple the autocratic Rana family regime in 1951 rather those communist leaders have been fighting against the NC in the past and even today undermining its leaders using any trick. Ganeshman Sing: the stupendous figure of the people’s movement in 1990 to reinstate democracy has been quietly forgotten. The State did not have even a few good words for the man that had fought for democracy for the whole life sacrificing the highly luxurious life he could enjoy.


Instead of celebrating the anniversary of the autocrat PN, the country needs to set a day for commemorating the contributions these brave NC leaders have made to make Nepal a great democratic country, and ultimately the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal giving every opportunity of self-governance and self-development, and of developing their languages, culture, and giving the choice of following the faith they believe in.


NC leaders had to tolerate the 30 years of the despotic rule Mahendra introduced in 1960. In doing so, Mahendra gave the communists a chance of breeding like rabbits. Even after the reinstatement of democracy in 1990, the then monarchs had attempted to repress the NC leaders only to make the communists come out as Maoists stronger and even bolder. So, NC leaders had no option but to end the monarchy, and even the remnant of the monarchy ending the national holiday for marking the anniversary of PN Shah. Now, the communists of different colors and names have come together to reinstate the national holiday for celebrating the anniversary of PN Shah not to mention Kamal Thapa and his RPP, to corner the NC.


Nepalese voters would never forget the autocracy PN imposed and his descendants continued for 240 years stopping every possible development and prosperity of the common folks, and would never fail in punishing the dictatorial minded communists in each election. Those communists get votes of the people only when the NC leaders walked away from the democratic track. So, NC leaders should never compromise with any communist party in whatever name it might be on any feature of democracy even though democracy demands compromise in every step of democratic movement, as those chameleon communists are not trust worthy. They could join hands with any autocrat to grab the power. Nepalese voters would never trust such communists that have done nothing for the benefits of their followers but betrayed them again and again.


The NC had been the foe of the monarchs even though it had carried the monarchy on its shoulder for decades until it became unbearable, and also of the communists even though the NC leaders have been giving the communists every opportunity of acting as democratic role players. The monarchs starting from Tribhuvan and ending to Gyanendra had tried to finish off the NC leaders, as they had been for democracy and the rule of law not for the rule of any autocrat or monarch or the tyrannical rule of any communist. Thus, NC had been fighting the two-front battle: one against the monarchy and another against the communists for saving democracy and the rule of law, and sometimes against both of them together as and when they came together.


January 13, 2017

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