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Faking Democracy In Nepal

Issue 27, July 04, 2010

Siddhi B. Ranjitkar

Your country has been faking democracy, as the president that has abused the Interim Constitution of Nepal of 2007 is still in office, the legislature has fifty percent fake legislators, they have made the man defeated in two constituencies a Prime Minister that in turn made two-third of defeated in elections as ministers, then what you can anticipate from them is corruption of administration for their benefits said one of the foreign friends of mine.

In the third week of June in 2010, President Barack Obama of United States of America has fired his general Stanley McChrystal for talking against the Whitehouse officials and not going along with other officials working in the field: Afghanistan. Your Prime Minister wanted to do a similar thing taking actions against the then Chief of Army Staff Rukmangud Katuwal in 2009 but your so-called ceremonial President Ram Baran Yadav stopped him from doing so directly writing a letter to the Chief of Army Staff causing the resignation of your Prime Minister.

Your President has said that he has abused the Interim Constitution of Nepal of 2007 under the pressure of his political bosses. In fact, leaders of eighteen political parties elected to the legislature by the fake elections (they call such elections as indirect) have gone to the President for saving the democracy. However, your President has killed the real democracy and set up a fake democracy to suit the needs of the fake legislators and fake democrats. They have the majority of fake legislators; so they have been challenging the really elected legislators to prove the majority of the legislators to form a really democratically elected government.

Almost all the legislators representing small political parties in the legislature are the fake legislators, and half of legislators of all large political parties are also fake legislators. Voters have not elected them but their party bosses so, most of them are defeated in the direct elections. Consequently, your legislators could have elected Prime Minister even President not to mention ministers from among the defeated and corrupt legislators.

If your President Yadav would have been somewhere in the real democratic world he would have been impeached by the elected legislators and he would have gone to tend his buffaloes in his home village instead of going around as a President of the fake democratic country. Your legislators could not impeach him because fifty percent of the legislators are again fake legislators, as some of them are defeated in elections and most of them are sycophants of the political leaders. They are the products of the fake elections.

You cannot anticipate the Speaker of such fake legislature would work democratically and follow the rule of law. Some of the really elected legislators from among the majority of the fake legislators wanted to discuss the violence of the Interim constitution of Nepal of 2007 by the President in the legislature but Speaker Subash Nemwang has not permitted to debate the President’s unconstitutional move on directly writing a letter to the then-undisciplined Chief of Army Staff Katuwal. Thus, your Speaker has done one of the most undemocratic things in the world. So, he has not been able to do the duty of the Speaker but drawing the salaries and perks from the taxpayer’s money shamelessly.

The fake legislators have demonstrated that they have the majority electing the man defeated in two constituencies for the office of Prime Minister. The man called Madhav Nepal has claimed that he has been democratically elected but he has not said that all the legislators voted for him are fake legislators. So, it is no wonder that the man elected by the fake legislators don’t follow the rule of law.

Your Prime Minister Madhav Nepal has appointed two-third of ministers of his council of ministers not only not elected but also defeated in the elections making your democracy a fake. The Defense Minister is defeated in elections, Foreign Minister is also defeated and you go on naming the portfolio of ministers you will find most of them are defeated in elections. So, how could your country function as a democracy?

These defeated guys and most of your defeated political leaders have been not for the real democracy in Nepal. So, they have been doing nothing for completing the peace process and promulgating a new constitution and then holding elections for institutionalizing the Republic of Nepal, as they have been very afraid of facing the electorates. They have done nothing that they would be able to face the electorates. Consequently, they want to run the administration without elections. They have postponed the promulgation of a new constitution under various pretexts. They even want to dissolve the Constituent Assembly so that they could impose a sort of presidential rule to run the administration without elections forever. Are they not the fake democrats?

Since Madhav Nepal became the Prime Minister your country has slide down to one of the corrupt nations in the world and your Prime Minister has demonstrated that he could do anything not following the rule of law. He has also demonstrated that he doesn’t need to follow the people’s aspirations. So, he has awarded the Chief of Army Staff Katuwal and other army and police officers with honors on the Republic Day in 2010 despite these guys have been implicated in violating human rights during the People’s Movement in 2006. Actually, these guys would have been in jail rather than in the cozy offices, if you have a real democratic system working in Nepal.

In fact, your Prime Minister Madhav Nepal would have been plowing the field in his home district or would have simply living on the pension of his spouse rather than working as a real corrupt Prime Minister representing the fake legislators and nurturing his corrupt administration if you have a real democracy. The fake legislators have been keeping the man defeated in elections in power in meeting their interest rather than the interest of the Nepalis as a whole. So, one of the worthless persons has been sitting in the office of Prime Minister.

Your Prime Minister has charged the high-ranking civil officials with corruption, with non-performing and following the rules and regulations meticulous in other words following the red tapes. He could have fired them if he has really found them not functioning following the rule of law and they are corrupt. However, he does not do so; if he does his own corrupt actions would be exposed. So, he has charged the high-ranking officials with corruption only to cover up his mismanagement of the state businesses.

As soon as Madhav Nepal became the Prime Minister of Nepal your people have the prices of foodstuffs doubled. In conjunction with the merchants holding potatoes in cold storages, your Prime Minister has tripled the prices of potatoes and stopped importing potatoes to Kathmandu to maintain high prices of potatoes until the potato harvest time in Kathmandu. Then, he doubled the price of sugar at the time of crushing sugarcanes definitely benefiting the sugar mill owners. Obviously, he also has benefited from it. He has put the government subsidy on fertilizers to benefit himself wasting Rs 2 billion of the taxpayers’ money in the fiscal year 2009. Thus, your Madhav Nepal has financial benefits from many things he has done at the cost of taxpayers’ money and of Nepalis in general.

Your local media have reported on June 29, 2010 that Prime Minister Madhav Nepal has published four volumes of the collections of his speeches with many four-color family pictures at the cost of the taxpayers’ money. He must be simply emulating the administrators of the then-regime called Panchayat that had published the speeches of then king Birendra. He would not have dared to do so if he has been directly elected and has been a real Prime Minister, as he would be held accountable to the people in the real democracy. Now, he is not accountable to the people and accountable to the fake democrats only. So, he has been indulging in various corrupt activities.

Your Prime Minister has done nothing to the six ministers implicated in corruption by the state-run National Vigilance Center (NVC). Obviously, your Prime Minister Madhav Nepal must have share in the money amassed by his corrupt ministers otherwise he would need to fire them as soon as he has found them indulging in corruption. Thus, your Prime Minister has been presiding over the council of corrupt ministers.

Leaders of your so-called democratic parties but fake ones have been repeatedly saying that they are for completing the peace process and for completing a new constitution but they have something different on the back of their minds and they never do what they say they would do.

They have reached a three-point agreement on May 28, 2010 and extended the term of the Constituent Assembly for a year apparently on condition that the Prime Minister would resign for paving the way for forming a new government. However, the man famous for his unscrupulous identity has not moved out of the Prime Ministerial office so far. He would not do so until he is kicked from there.

The fake legislators have found that keeping Madhav Nepal in the Prime Ministerial office serves their interest. So, they would not remove him as long as they could plunder the state treasury and amass the wealth for creating armed groups in one name or another. So, they have been preparing for a civil conflict in the name of completing the peace process and promulgating a new constitution. Nepalis need to save the country from falling back to the conflict.

Ultimately, your Prime Minister Madhav Nepal has quit the office on June 30, 2010 paving the way for the fake legislators to play a dirty political game. They will surely indulge in buying and selling legislators to garner a majority to form a new fake democratic government. Again, the directly elected legislators will not have a chance to form a new government.

July 2, 2010

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